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What is Qb Test?

QbTest is a computer-based program that combines a test of attention ability with a movement analysis based on an infrared measurement system. Test results are assembled into a report and compared with data from a control group consisting of people who are the same sex and age as yourself. This way you can see how you react when you concentrate on a task in comparison with people who do not have ADHD.

Benefits of the  Qb Test?

Now we can:

  • Diagnose and rule out ADHD with greater confidence

  • Optimize treatment objectively

  • Enhance communication with  our patients

How should Qb Test be used?

Assessing ADD/ADHD may be complicated and there is no single clinical tool that can provide all the answers. The QbTest provides objective data that together with other information will help your clinician assess you for ADD/ADHD.

QbTest provides a valuable baseline measurement that can help to evaluate any future changes in your activity, attention and impulsivity. QbTest is the only device cleared by the FDA to monitor how a patient is responding to treatment, which can aid in your clinician’s ability to monitor and track your response over time. Having a tool that can provide such insight into diagnoses and treatment options enables your provider to customize your treatment like never before!

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